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Friday, March 14, 2014

La Carassa, secret date for fondue!

La Carassa in the Born, has been there  since many years. It's well hidden in a tiny little street and has a very peculiar decoration. This small space has 2 floors; when I entered i felt that I had been transported back in time. Their menu consist of fondues (cheese or meat), raclettes and salads (inform them while booking if you would want a raclette). We are cheese lovers and have had the best fondue in Switzerland, in Gruyère. Their fondue may not be the same but I really loved it, and I think till date it's the best I have had in Barcelona.
It doesn't have the typical strong flavor but has a nice texture and taste. They serve it with croutons and fruits. I even tried the fruits dipped in cheese and it was yummy. You can just have some pieces of fruits in between.
I definitely recommend this place for a cozy dinner or even in a group ( their biggest table was for 6-8 people). You need to be a fondue lover and eager to have a different experience. Around 30 euros per person.
La Carassa  Carrer del Brosolí, 1  Con Argenteria.  
Tel.  933 300 303

Endive salade with walnut and cheese served with different chutneys: Very good!

Swiss Fondue! Yummy

The fruits!

Chocolate fondue!

Rich and dark chocolate served with fruits and cake!


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