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Friday, June 21, 2013

Provençal Bardot- Cheri, the chic bistro- La Polpa, the rustic restaurant all designed by Lázaro Rosa-Violan!

On this post some of  the famous Lázaro's work on calle Enric Granados.
Lázaro Rosa-Violán describes himself as an ‘urban archaeologist’ and a ‘style hunter’. Although he studied the Fine Arts, his ability to conceive interiors is instinctual. His first project (a restaurant) was carried out in the Balearic Island of Ibiza in 1990 and in 2003 he established Contemporain, on the premise that very few bars and restaurants were executed whereby interior design, lighting, ambiance and food worked together to make a coherent whole. “The interior designer is an actor“, he has stated. “He must dress up and change roles, understand new identities and integrate them with his own.”
Bardot in Barcelona

Carrer d'Enric Granados is a beautiful, semi- pedestrianized street in the heart of Eixample.
Today I will take you to some of Lazaro's work in that lane: Bardot, Cheri and La Polpa. 
I am a huge fan of Lazaro's work, and I love the deco in Toto and Boca Grande for instance
We went to Bardot a couple of days ago. Bardot is the typical  Eixample U shape store  that has 2 entrances. You will see the bar as you enter and at the end you will find some tables as well as on the other side of the U. It has a lift that goes up. The credit to have been able to create a cozy and cute interior to this difficult shaped place, goes entirely to Lázaro. I went for lunch one afternoon and I liked what I ate and enjoyed the music. All the dishes passing by,  looked good and their wine list is rich and international. Their service is warm and they all speak English. Opened the full day, the bar triumphs at night with their gin tonic. Rodrigo Varela, owner of Bardot has worked previously in Bar Mut and in the group Tragaluz.

Provençal bathroom

The Gins@Bardot


Courgette flower risotto

Just opposite, you have a beautiful restaurant Cheri, opened this month. Maybe you remember Trobador, it used to be there.  Now it has become elegant Cheri, from the same Cacheiro group. Lázaro was the one in charge of the design. It is now a sort of café you would find in Paris. Those old time cafés I have seen when I was small.  It is elegant and chic, has a high ceiling dining room and a wonderful terrace. A great bistro to go now that summer is here, at night for a drink and tapas, for a nice meal or in a big group too as it is huge. I loved the name and the deco.The service is "simpatico" and helpful. "Cheri je t'aime Cheri je t'adore..."

The beautiful Terrace!

nice salad, aubergine, leek and salmorejo
Bravas, pineapple carpaccio, truffled bikini and coulant.
Bardot and Cheri are both on the pedestrian part of Enric Granados, almost touching Av Diagonal. Further down you have La Polpa. La Polpa belongs to the group Andilana ( same as La Rita, Miu, Market and more). It has a rustic charm with its wooden floor, white painted walls and  carved cabinets displaying bottles of wines and oils. It offers Mediterranean cuisine with a touch of oriental. Nice place to go as a family for lunch on a Sunday, they have quite a few vegetarian dishes and their quality price ratio is good. The food is decent. Their menu had the KM 0 logo on it: It suggests that the ingredients on the menu are local and haven't travelled too much to reach to you plate, fresh and natural.

Cabinets filled with Mediterranean goodies

hummus tabouleh feta olives and pita

Good white house wine

A day with BelleBarcelone

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