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Friday, March 29, 2013

Papabubble: The candy store!

--> Change in all things is sweet. Aristotle

Carrying on, with my last post around the gothic quarter, you will come across the C/Ample. It is parallel to the Pg. de Colom; it is home to the impressive Basilica de la Merce, church. Mercé is the saint patron of Barcelona.

C/Ample starts in Las Ramblas as De Josep Anselm Clavo Street and changes name a few blocks later. It goes down till Via Layetana.

It is said that Don Quixote de La Mancha also stayed in the number 28th of that street.

Among this urban modern life and funky shops, you will come to Pappabubble.

Pappabubble is a candy store. It was originally a "Fabrica de llauneria"- a can factory. Now it is not any candy store, it is a very special one.

Papabubble is handmade hard candy, which is made through a very time-sensitive process beginning with pots of liquefied sugar.

Born in Barcelona, Papabubble has now 32 stores around the world: you can find them in the USA, Japan, China, Indonesia, London (3rd floor of Harrods). They have their own stores and also supply to Dean and Deluca or Dylan Candy's bar for instance.

Two Australians created Papabubble in 2005. In 2008, they sold it and today Alejandro is the owner of this lovely candy store, and he is the one responsible for this world expansion. Alejandro has a huge background in the candy industry such as Cadbury, Chupachups or Haribo. It was a pleasure to spend some time with him and understand his love for candies.

I agree with him when he says that BelleBarcelone is the prettiest city in the world that is why Papabubble started here.

What differs Papabubble from other sweets? Their originality, their quality and their huge variety of flavors.

In the store in C/Ample 28 you can see the making of the candy. No secret ingredient, you can see the birth and the making of these wonderful candies. You can witness the spreading of the melted sugar and how it becomes thicker while cooling down. The entire process, from bubbling of the sugar and water through to the packaged jars of candy are on show to the audience. It is part theatre, part art and part production.

They also have another store in Sarria, on C/major de Sarria 76.

The stores opening abroad get training from Papabubble Barcelona. In whichever country they open, they use the local ingredients. Easy, simple and great.

Their packing is very original and it is a great token to gift. Ideal as wedding favours, for birthdays, celebrations & corporate branding. Choose your flavour and colour to match your style.To personalize them you need to get 5 kilos of sweets. The price of the kilo is 37.50 euros. I feel it is a wonderful idea to personalize your sweets and gift them, people will remember you for long.

Their spicy cinnamon is the special one, but you get all the flavors you can dream of like watermelon or lime. You also get bubblets (jelly fruits), which are softer, and you will soon get marshmallows too.

You can use them to eat of course and also to decorate your cupcakes. 






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