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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Easter In Barcelona! Some workshops are available the full year.

-->On this post workshops for children during Easter with Victoria's cakes and Taller de Pasta. 
And a fun Indian tapas course with Rainbowspoon in April!

“ Put ‘eat chocolate’ at the top of your list of things to do today. That way, at least you'll get one thing done.” 

This Easter, if you are in Barcelona, would you like your children to become little chefs?
Victoria, can teach them her lovely cupcakes and cookies.Victoria has always had passion for dessert, cupcakes... Today she has this lovely store where she sells and teaches these jewels cakes "pedacitos de felicidad". Victoria's cake : C/Laforja 17
There will be workshops for children from the age of 5:
- Monas: 5 to 7pm  on Tuesday 26th of march (30 euros)
- Cupcakes: 10 to 12pm on Wednesday 27th of march (25 euros)
- Cookies: 10 to 12pm on Thursday 28th of march (25 euro)
If children come in a group of 8, the price would be 15 euros. So mommies, get your children together with their friends and let them have fun and learn at the same time!
The classes will be in Spanish but Victoria communicates perfectly well in English.
"Las monas de Pascua" is a typical Easter cake made during the Easter holidays in many Spanish regions. It was traditionally like a big doughnut with eggs in it and decorated with feathers. It is normally gifted to the children on Easter Monday by their godparents. Why the eggs? The most dedicated of Catholics would go without meat or eggs over Lent, so eggs were saved and used in the cake on Easter weekend. Nowadays the "Monas" have modernized and you can get traditional chocolate eggs and  elaborated figures very well decorated.

Mona de Pascua made at Victoria's cake.
Would you prefer your little ones -from 4 years old-to become Italian little chefs? In Taller de Pasta, they can have group of 4 to 8 children and do 1.5 h workshop and learn the secret of pasta, and eat them too! The workshop can be in English, Spanish, Italian or French. It is 12.5 euros for the workshop-15 euros for the adults- Contact them and your little ones will have fun! You can also join them...
 Sarrià, en pasaje Senillosa 5, tlf 93 1051628
 Eixample, en Bruc 85 (esq. Aragò), tlf 93 4765149
And moms and dads, would you like to learn the secrets of Indian cooking?
Meatings23 is a space that is beautiful and new, in the heart of Barcelona (Gracia). They organize events, art showings, and various workshops. Their kitchen space is airy and modern.
Jalina is a home chef and has learned a lot of traditional dishes from friends and family. She has, in the last one year, experimented with her own, and this is why she created her blog, to share her ideas with the world:
She loves cooking and using local ingredients in a fun way!
Meatings 23 and Rainbowspoon get together to offer you their first social supper: Indian "tapas" in a simple and tasty way, on April 11th.
For more info check :
Jalina, can also cater baked items for your celebrations like birthday parties, baby shower...
Chef Jalina

red velvet cupcakes by


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