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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Factory for beer and tapas-The phoenix rising from its ashes-by Jean Nouvel- Moritz

On this post : Fabrica Moritz, offers you freshly brewed unpasteurized beer. Beer lovers, nice place to go when in Barcelona, and apart from beer many other things are available. It is open from 6 am till 3 am!!! Ample time to go try it, breakfast, lunch dinner, after party...
 La Fabrica Moritz bar is a nice meeting spot in Eixampla Esquerra, on Ronda Sant Antoni 41 with a special atmosphere including old and modern elements. The perfect hiding place for culture and design. Moritz is a catalan beer that was founded by a French immigrant Louis Moritz in 1857. He initially brewed in a factory in the Raval and then moved to the Ronda St Antoni and brewed for 100 years... and then closed down. 
In 2004 the family restarted the business and now they brew in Zaragoza.  In 2011, after 10 years of renovation by Jean Nouvel- the famous french architect- the old factory belonging to the Mortiz family reopened its doors to this gastronomical center, cultural and entertainment venue.
It transports you back in time as it has kept the essence of the original brewery, yet Jean Nouvel has been able to put his touch of modernism in it.
The Fabrica Moritz, on ronda Sant Antoni has a micro brewery that supplies fresh and unpasteurized beer with a large variety of Tapas, which are created by Jordi Vila. Jordi Vila is the chef of the Michelin Star restaurant Alkimia. The menu reflects the gastromy of Catalunya as well as Alsace ( Louie Moritz was born there). The beer is brewed there  exclusively for the clients in Moritz Bar, made with spring water Font d'Or. 
You have the Bravas de aqui y de alla, both with their own peculiar taste, a nice vegetarian mariscada –different fried vegetables. You can munch on some pistachios tempuras at the bar while having a beer or have nice tapas at a table and also -salads, sandwiches, healthy food, sea food, fried food, oven dishes , cheeses, desserts, individual cocotte, frankfurts..
For breakfast they have a vast variety of combos as Paris mon amour- baguette with butter, marmalade and coffee/tea- or Sex in New York- special yogurt, fresh fruits, tea/coffee- and many other options with different types of eggs...many fresh fruit juices. Breakfast is served from 6am to 12.

It has an impressive  4500 m2 of gastromic space divided on three floors. 
You can see the microbrewery bellow and see the grandeur of beer elaboration through a glass window. Apart from the "Cerveseria" they have different spaces, a Moritz merchandise shop, a bakery with lovely breads and pastries… It also has an area where you can organize private events with a capacity of 150 people: sala de tancs and another one down, Sala 39 where you can organize a formal event. Cultural events have been taken place there too. They are also planning to open a modern bar where you will be able to listen to live music, near the brewery. In 2012 they  opened their Bar à vins that serve 400 different quality wines  at an accessible price. 
A new restaurant with a mix of French and Spanish cuisine will open very soon. 

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