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Friday, November 2, 2012

Pourquoi BelleBarcelone ?

I stay in Barcelona, born in Casablanca. And i am Indian. I now live in Barcelona.I talk french, I think french and indian, and morrocan and catalan. 
I have been thinking to start a blog since a year now but...So here it is, Chic Choc Sympa
What will it be about ? Of course about Barcelona, visiting Barcelona with children...going out, chilling, relaxing, running, having a drink, good food, vegetarian food...Traveling all over the world too. When we live in Barcelona, discovering the world is not so complicated... Europe, Africa is just within a hand's reach, and we are in the middle of America and Asia. 
We can easily go to those dream destinations like Paris,Cannes et la Provence, Florence, London, Mykonos, Ibiza for a week end... New York and Mumbai are just one long distance flight... 
Yes I am happy where I am ....

These are some pictures of the Casa Battlo.
It just celebrated its 10 years of openning to public, and they had a beautiful light show picturing the story of Casa Battlo, the dragon of St jordi, the culture of beautiful Catalunya. 


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